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Here’s an idea of what one user’s interactions with your online dating site might look like.Interaction 1: The user makes an organic search via Google for “online dating site” goes to Online and explores the site but leaves.If you’re looking for something a bit different or new then you may want to try one of the top trending dating sites 2017.Look at the sites that are going to fit what you are looking for and use them to narrow down your dating options even more.We are a completely confidential community for men and women over 50.The site provides a safe way of communicating and a safe place to meet seniors without spam.It is very hard to judge a book by its cover, and the same is often true for dating websites.It is hard to know what each dating site can offer you by just simply seeing the first page of the website.

Finding the right online dating site can be difficult considering how many dating sites can be found online.

Interaction 2: The user goes directly to Online because he/she remembers it. Interaction 3: Email alert brings you back to website, you pay for additional access. Interaction 4: They finally decide to sign up for your site! (Signing up for your email, downloading a resource).

You can find Assisted Conversions under the Conversions Tab in your Google Analytics. How does Google know a user is going through all of these channels before they convert?

A Conversion is a Google Analytics goal of something good happening like an email, donation, download etc. People might come to your page, however it takes time before they say “I love you,” or convert.

If we only look at the most recent way the user came to the site before converting, we’re only seeing a tiny portion of a user and a site’s relationship. Let’s say you own a dating site, Online and you want more people to register.

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